12 February 2012

Coral World Park: The Biggest in the World

The topic has brought during a conversation with my friend who is an Architect. It is all about the Coral World Park which will be the biggest underwater development in the world to be built in Palawan.

It made me interested as I raised questions like who is the developer and the architect of the project. So, he answered me that behind of this prestigious development is Paul Monozca, a Singapore-based businessman and the renowned architect, Jose “Pinggoy” Manosa who was behind some of the projects like San Miguel building and Brent International School. 
When I got home, I still want to know more about of this project so I can tell my friends what’s going on with our environment especially in good news and in this case, this is going be another big thing for us Filipinos to be proud of. 

As I’ve read an article, the billion peso project will have 50-bedroom onland boutique hotel and amenities like spa, casino, business center and an underwater restaurant named “Starfish” which can have 200 people dine at with its 600-square-meter dining place. The marine observatory called “Seahorse Science Center” will be built for tourist to showcase the abundance of the marine life in the Philippines.
The Coral World Park will also have 24 undersea suites called “Anemones” which is sank 60-feet below sea level with a spectacular 270-degree view of the sea. At reasonable price, several of these “Anemones” will be open for public viewing where made me feel exhilarated as I can’t wait to witness another masterpiece made by a Filipino. 

I believe that this is another good business which will help raise the Philippine economy up as 80% of the team from the management to the ground crews are Filipinos and will give thousands of jobs to the resident of Palawan and neighboring provinces. So let’s us all support this futuristic project, the Coral World Park.

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