02 October 2011

Facebook Changes Settings

Everyone has noticed the big changes made on Facebook. Unfortunately, most of the Facebook users hate the new settings because because the old one is much user-friendly. Many users have discovered on how to return back the previous settings. They went to ‘Account Settings’ clicked the ‘Language’ and chose ‘UK’ and you’ll have your old settings back. But do you think this would be the end? Do you think they won’t re-alter on it?
All of these came into my mind when I opened my account before the refashion happened. As I was browsing my account, checking some notifications, reading wall posts & comments still I feel the boredom because nothing new happened and I am the person who always wanted something different. I tweeted my feelings it on the same day but after the day, the site has already a new look.
Actually, the answer to this question is as simple as changes are part of Mark Zuckerberg’s strategy. Facebook is global brand of social networking site and a product will not be a brand without consistent promotion and innovation. So, brand needs changes and it has to surpass creativity to prolong the lifespan of the brand. To be exact, I’ve read an article on Yahoo.com where the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg talked about on the changes that will happen to Facebook and more things to come. This article was actually published when Google plus was released on the worldwide web.

Just to support the paragraph above, remember that Facebook has also partnered with Skype to provide video calling when Google + was already out.

In conclusion, if users can’t adapt the changes, that is the owner’s job already and it is always important to satisfy your customers.

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