06 October 2011

Friendster Falls into Social Gaming

In the midst of 2000s, Friendster has dominated te social network market together with its rivalry which is Myspace. Friendster was then no.1 in Asia which has the biggest market share compared to the US, Europe and Australia.

In 2008, Friendster had faced its biggest competitor Facebook which has the fastest growing network until Friendster loose its crown during that time. Also, a big percentage of Friendster users have shifted to the growing network of Facebook community. That is why, Friendster made a total reformation to bring the former account users back since it was already acquired by MOL Global.

A news released by Yahoo! About Friendster requesting account holders to retrieve the files from pictures, wall post and messages as they have an ongoing website redevelopment that would get their crown back from Facebook. Some Friendster users retrieved their files but then, the question was what would be the recent development they are up to? Is it more interactive than Facebook or Twitter?

It was a very trending topic in town expecially with the social network slaves. But after few months of waiting, the result is social gaming.

In my opinion, the management might have had a very long talk regarding on the development they wanted to happen because their target to relaunch the website was supposedly on the last week of May but they made it late. Another thing, they opt to change social networking to social gaming because they were able to see the market of online gamers, Facebook players like Plants ‘vs’ Zombies, Farmville, Cityville, Empire and Allies and the very successful Angry Birds has a movie already. Well, I think this will a good restart for them as they currently have 8.2 million users but the question remains, would social gaming enough to defeat the social media giants?

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