06 October 2011

Tribute to Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

It was confirmed that the inventor and CEO of Apple, Inc. Steve Jobs has passed away in a statement released by Apple without telling the cause of death of the genius. 

Courtesy of Apple, Inc.

I think my idol happily died at the age of 56. He was such an inspiration to everyone from inventors, developers, businessmen, apple product users and to everyone who knows him. All I can say is let’s pay tribute to his extraordinary contributions from personal computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc. that people are enjoying the masterfully inventions of Steve Jobs.

Actually, without the Macintosh inventor there was no Apple. If Michael Dell had acquired Apple, Inc. he would have shut the company down. But still employees were very thankful to Steve Jobs as he kept on persisting not to lose the company. If Apple was sold to other companies, it won’t be the “Most Valuable Company in the World”.

I know Apple and people from various sectors are really reminiscing his great contributions to the world and I think it is right to declare Steve Jobs Day as a worldwide holiday. Would you my valued readers agree with me? For me he was a hero and a gift to everyone. If I were the Governor of California, I would establish a Steve Jobs Monument and Park.

In conclusion, the visionary Steve Jobs’s death should be celebrated.

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