07 October 2011

Will Twitter Defeat Facebook?

As we know Twitter was designed as a social networking site and a microblogging platform. Currently, it has approximately 200M account users compared to Facebook which has and still, the no.1 networking site with an estimated account users of 700M. Today, social networking slaves are looking for much interactive social community and I only see that on Twitter as of the moment. But, do you think Twitter would be able to defeat Facebook?
Actually, Twitter has clearly identified its target market. Their main goal is to get celebrities, industry experts and those people who want to follow their interest to use the platform. The rest is for people who want to show their feelings to the world. Just like me, I have a twitter account because I am always confident what I wanted to say on this social media giant rather than on Facebook. It means to say the two social media giants are far away different.

With Twitter, you are always updated with the trending topics because you can get direct updates from your following like celebrities, journalists, news providers, business people, etc. However, if you are not facing in front of your pc, do not have Twitter app either on your phone or tablet, you will miss what’s happening around as the archive on Twitter is fast especially if you have a lot of following.

The possibility of Twitter to defeat Facebook is really close because people nowadays need a more interactive social networking platform. Another thing is, we expect that today’s mobile phones with OS will be affordable by masses in the very near future. Lastly, with my experience the site is simple and the loading is fast than other sites taking a while because of heavy html or javascript content.

I am not encouraging anyone to use Twitter, what would make you feel happy, just go with it  :D.

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