11 October 2011

Is There Any Hope for OPM?

OPM or Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit is an associateion of Filipino singers and artists that envisions to promoting its own Filipino made music. Almost everone in the organization is sad of the current state of the Philippines music industry. And there was a recent news about an artist expressed her regrets when she was asked the standing of OPM.

I am actually a fan of OPM but honestly, I enjoy more on singing and listening to foreign music whether Hollywood songs or K-Pop genre and it is not a surprise to the music group that everyone is fond of foreign music. This is because people were able to capture the taste of modern music genre from foreign performers. Look at K-Pop music, even if you don’t understand the lyrics of a song you enjoyed it because the beat goes together with its generation. Another thing, many people today like to listen RnB songs wherever I go because they feel that the music genre is for them. Mariah Carey has seen this demand. Basically, she is a former pop singer and she has the demographic market of 80s to early 2000s. But due to that the demand has changed, she has evolved to become an RnB singer. The best thing happened to her is all her singles placed on the top spot on record bards, music charts, radio stations and concerts. I hope our music industry has seen this as well.

I hope you readers did get my point stated above. However, let us still enumerate some reasons why OPM is not moving anymore.

     1.      We already have a lot of good singers from different genres of pop, hip-hop, rap, rock and RnB artists but not total performers.
     2.      If we have total performers, music companies do not really invest high quality music  production.
     3.      OPM doesn’t want to reinvent the line of Philippine music scene.
     4.      Lack of faith to change Filipino attitude towards our local music and afraid of progress.

These are only some of the reasons which are based on the opinion however, we always hope that everyone learns about this article. If you have anything in mind, feel to post your comment or you may write us via email at cybreadphils(at)gmail(dot)com.

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