13 October 2011

Producers are Afraid to Invest on Action Films

Everytime I watch Hollywood movies particularly on action films, I always ask the question why Philippine film producers can’t invest on well-animated and quality action films. Even just the yearly Metro Manila Film Festival where the real battle of film entries should take place but the movies you can only watch are films that can only make the audience either laugh or scared but nothing really happens. What can you expect at the International Film Fests, are you expecting an award from Oscars?

Because I’m a Filipino, I always watch some of the MMFF entries but in my yearts of supporting Philippines movies, I haven’t watched movies that make me say wow except independent films. Unlike most of the Hollywood motion pictures, I can always say they’re cool from the story actors, cinematography, animation etc.

Hollywood movie producers like Universal Studios, The Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures are some of the top companies that are making big bucks in producing fantastic action and adventurous films. Like for example the film Star Wars in courtesy of 20th Century Fox, the film grossed over $4.41 billion making it the third highest grossing film series in the history. When can this be happened to the Philippines?

However, in order for us to really find out the answer to this topic, I made seme research and study. Statements below are only based on my research and views from the contributors who gave their opinion as well.

1. Producers are afraid to invest hundred million dollars from high-end quality equipment, actors, writers, directors, art and the whole production cost.

2. They don’t see the film market of quality action films in the Philippines.

3. Producers may consider the colonial mentality of most Filipinos hinders to patronize locally made motion pictures.

4. Piracy continues to spread throughout the country.

5. Some Filipinos are contented with mediocrity.

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